Machines for Living In Scale

The Show

Machines for Living in is a life-size replica of artist Rod Kitson's studio flat, made from 190 one-square-foot oil paintings. He painted one a day for 190 days between February and August last year.

The work is all being sold at a flat rate of £120 per square foot, reflecting the construction costs of residential buildings in Southwark where he lives, and blurring the boundaries between art and architecture.

"There's no reason why artwork shouldn't be costed up in the same way as construction or architecture," he said. "I imagined myself working like a builder, getting up and painting each day, treating it like any other kind of work.

"Each painting was a snapshot of the situation I found myself at that time."

The exhibition is being shown in a vacant shop - a former Thomas Cook at his local shopping centre.

Rod is also inviting visitors to be part of the art and create their own square-foot paintings to be put on the wall and sold at the same price as his.

"I'm probably more excited about that side of the exhibition than showing my own work. I'm excited to see what will get made, and how everyone will have a different view on essentially same thing.

"I see the act of making art as the art itself. It's all about the energy of producing it."

Machines for Living In Items